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Downing Street Vehicle Diagnostics

Downing Street Vehicle Diagnostics

Is your check engine light on?  We provide computer diagnostics for all of the newer vehicle makes and models. 

Downing Street Garage is capable of diagnosing all makes and models. We have dealership level equipment to provide better than dealership service. There are many levels of vehicle diagnostics.

On Board Vehicle Diagnostics, or OBD diagnostics, refers to any automobile problem that turns a light on in the dash or affects the overall running condition of the vehicle. Most often, diagnosing an OBD problem requires diagnostic equipment like a scan tool. The scan tool gives the technician a specific code that refers to the system that is malfunctioning. From that point, it is up to the technician to pinpoint the component that is causing the problem.

Noise diagnostics refers to any problem or abnormality that is heard when the vehicle is being driven or is running. From brake squeaks, to loose suspension, to engine problems that produce a noise. Problems like these require large amounts of experience because of the subtlety of the noises and the difficulty to pinpoint the location of the noise while driving.

Drivability diagnostics are the third and the most difficult of diagnostics. Drivability refers to just that - the vehicle’s ability to drive. Usually more extensive testing and equipment is required for solving these problems. Use of a labscope to monitor subtle changes in the vehicle’s computer communications is very common when dealing with drivability diagnostics.

All three areas of diagnostics can often overlap. To ensure correct diagnosis and repair, it takes a combination of the proper equipment and an experienced, knowledgeable technician.

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