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Coolant System Flush

Coolant System Flush Auto RepairA coolant system flush or radiator flush is an important service for maintaining your vehicle and extending its life.  It can also prevent damage that may require an early and expensive radiator replacement.  But beyond the maintenance benefits, a coolant flush will help protect your car’s engine from the extreme Colorado temperatures we’ll soon be facing this winter.  An efficient radiator not only cools your engine, but it will help prevent it from freezing during cold months when your car is parked.

Typically most manufactures recommend that you have this service performed every 30,000 miles.  It might be helpful to check your vehicle owner’s manual for specifics. 

However, if you haven’t had this repair service done in a while, or you are anticipating a particularly harsh winter or summer season, just prior to the weather change is a great time.

During the coolant system flush, a complete cooling system inspection is performed ensuring that there are no leaks and that your system is in working order.

Some additional benefits to getting a coolant system flush are that it keeps antifreeze from becoming acidic. It’s important to flush your radiator of old, acidic antifreeze and replace it before it starts to break down causing clumping and restrictions. It helps keep the water pump lubricated. The coolant has special additives that lubricate your car’s water pump, extending its life. It also protects against rust and foam. Conditioners are added that help prevent rust and scale deposits; therefore, it maintains the integrity of the antifreeze for a longer period of time. We’ll only use high quality, recycled antifreeze protected to -32° Fahrenheit to maintain your radiator, your engine and our environment.

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