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Brake Repair Services

If you are experienceing pulsating, vibrations, or noise when you hit the brakes, you need to give them some attention.Denver Brake Repair

Every driver knows what brakes are for and how to use them, but not a lot of people understand the mechanics behind it. It’s the absorption of energy and momentum by means of friction. To get that friction, several components need to coincide properly. Once the brake pedal is pushed the hydraulic system is signaled to multiply that applied leverage which forces brake fluid into different parts of the brake system creating hydraulic pressure. This hydraulic pressure creates friction which is sent from the brake to the tire and from the tire to the road.

Anti-lock Brake Systems are also widely used in modern day vehicles. This system electronically monitors and controls each of the wheels to prevent them from locking in certain braking conditions. It also helps to improve vehicle control by ensuring balanced braking among all four wheels.

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